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The Executive of the Club would like to advise the Membership about an update to the Club's policy regarding access to the Club during the Covid pandemic, effective Thursday, December 23, 2021.

The Club has Government Trusted Establishment approval for Large Group exemptions.


Returning/Visitor Non-Vaccinated Policy

Returning/Visiting Vaccinated Policy

Fully vaccinated people will be allowed to enter the Club building after a negative Arrival test. Children of vaccinated parents/guardians will be allowed to accompany their parents/guardians as per Bermuda Government guidance.

Dining Policy

December 23, 2021: Our maximum table size is 10 people per table. Bar Service is restricted to 'At the Bar'.
We would also like to remind members that wearing a mask when talking to your server is required. Our team wears masks to protect you, we ask that you are considerate in return. We thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.
As of Friday November 19, 2021 those dining inside, either for a private function or as part of the Club's regular dining service, must present a valid SafeKey or Vaccination certificate (demonstrating full immunization, i.e. at least 2 shots of Pfizer/Moderna or 1 shot of Johnson&Johnson) with ID. 

Group Function Policy
As of December 23, 202
1 all Groups will require to check attendees for a negative antigen test taken that day, along with the current SafeKey/Bermuda Vaccination Certificate requirements. 

Marina Policy

If you are outside, you are required to wear a mask when within 6-feet of other people. Visiting boats must fly their quarantine flag until the end of their quarantine period before being allowed to come ashore.

Sailing Academy Policy

Returning Vaccinated students, who have an negative pre-arrival and arrival test, may return to group classes as per their school's return policy.

Returning non-immunized students are required to wait for a Day 8 negative test result before attending group classes. This does not apply if the family is subject to mandated Government 14-Day quarantine. 

Students who are currently in quarrantine from School cannot attend classes until their quarantine is completed.

We thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.