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With its ideal waterfront location and superb harbour, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is widely recognized as one of the premier yachting clubs. It operates year-round facilities including the marina, guest rooms, meeting and dinning rooms and a full-service restaurant and bar.

The Club is happy to welcome all to consider Membership. It's a family friendly place, with a very active RYA Training Centre for sailing and powerboating. The Membership enjoys regular lunch and weekly dinners along with special events and holiday activities.

Membership Information

  • Established in 1844 and is the third oldest club holding a Royal Warrant outside the British Isles.  RBYC is under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.
  • The best waterfront location in the heart of Hamilton.  Well known and respected reputation and is a wonderful place to socialize in a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere, with an array of social opportunities throughout the year.
  • Exclusive access to dining times at the Club for Members, their guests and reciprocity members.
  •  Membership in the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club connects you to fellow members in key industries such as insurance, shipping, reinsurance, finance, banking, sailing, oceanography and sport fishing.
  • Reciprocal arrangements with other Royal Yacht Clubs as well as most yacht clubs around the world.
  • Member of Platinum Clubs of the World
  • Active Saturday fleet racing programme with qualified Race Management.
  •  RYA certified Sailing Academy, with year-round opportunities to sail/learn to sail for both adults and children, organized by resident Director of Sailing.
  • Connection of members’ children to a social hub creating great camaraderie. Youth membership available for children participating in the Sailing Academy.
  • Significant Membership savings on Boating Classes.
  • RYA Powerboat certification classes, with resulting discounts for boat insurance with local insurer and internationally recognized license.
  •  Host of major International events including Newport Bermuda Race, Bermuda Gold Cup, 505 Worlds, RC 44 and other regattas.
  • Excellent food created by resident Executive kitchen staff at reasonable prices.
  • Members can host functions at the Club at reduced rates in a selection of private rooms or public spaces using in-house catering.
  • Provisioning from Club bar/restaurants and availability of Club staff for boat trips or home entertainment.
  • Ability for your guests to stay at the Club and use the facilities with a Guest membership.
  • Utilization of Club dinghies and boats.
  • Convenient for boaters to load/off load and a day dock to utilise while dining at the Club.
  •  A 122 berth marina, with access to electrical and water.  Berths are available to Full Members on a one or five year licence.
Both Full Resident and Full Non-Resident Membership offer the full privellages of the Club. Membership is available from 18 years and there are several age categories available. To be considered for Full Membership you must have (2) Full Members sponsor your application. If you are new to the Island and Club and want to get to know the Membership, why not apply for the Affliate Membership to start with?

Full Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club including, but not limited to, being eligible or entitled to:
  • attend and vote at any Annual or Special General Meeting or to vote by ballot;
  • propose any individual for membership;
  • claim any share of the property of the Club should it be dissolved;
  • serve on any sub-committee;
  • wear Club Colours;
  • fly Club flags;
  • licence, or occupy a berth in the marina.
In additional Full Resident Members can:
  • a)    hold an office in the Club;
    b)    serve on the Board of Governors;
    c)    serve on any Standing Committee; and
    d)    requisition a Special General Meeting.
The Affliate Membership is perfect if you want to utlise certain membership services and activities available at the Club. If you are new to the Island and want to meet and get invloved at the Club while considering Full Membership we are very happy to accomodate you. Affliate Membership is available to Residents and Non-Residents in various age categories starting at the 18.
There is a very active Youth & Junior component at the Club through the RBYC Sailing Academy. Many of the students take advantage of the Youth Membership which offers discounts  on Sailing Classes and various activities.

To be considered for a Youth Membership your child should be active in the Academy for at least 1 term of classes. The Sailing Director or the Rear Commodore of Sailing need to sponsor these applicants.
The Members enjoy reciprocity at all British Commonwealth Royal Clubs and several other prestigious clubs around the world upon introduction by the RBYC. The RBYC is also a member of the Platinum Clubs of the World.

The Club has formal reciprocity with several Clubs including the following:
There are many Clubs that accept an introduction of the Members. If you are interested in a certain club or require reciprocity at any of the clubs listed above please contact the Assistant Secretary for an introduction letter.
The RBYC is happy to receive visitors and guests from several overseas clubs. A Letter of Introduction must be sent from that Member's Club to the Assistant Secretary's Office before guest membership is granted.

Membership Committee Chair


Timothy (Tim) Steinhoff


Vice Commodore